Kansas Wood Shop, formerly D&M Woodworks is located in Galva Kansas, right in
the center of the heartland.  We build a variety of custom products, including
jewelry boxes, various chests, cremation urns, small tables, custom picture frames,
various furniture, dog food and saddle stands and most recently carved signs and
other products.  We also sell hardwood lumber, mostly species that grow locally but
also a mix of other domestic and exotic species.

The Kansas Wood Shop is owned and operated by Darren Ehrlich.  Darren is a
master carpenter with over 3
0 years experience.  All products are original designs
and completely hand crafted in our shop.  Darren is also a retired US Army Desert
Storm Veteran and is disabled, which is why most of our products are kept on the
smaller side.  

We operate out of a fully equiped 400 SF wood shop.  Lumber products are located
off-site in a warehouse.  We also offer custom sawmill services and custom milling
of our lumber products.

Please contact us with any questions you may have.  We look forward to talking
with you and hopefully earning your business!
Kansas Wood Shop was established in 2006.  I have been a woodworker for most of my life, but
when I joined the Army in 1990, I left it behind because it became very difficult to move an entire
shop every time I got reassigned, and most of the time there was no place to have a shop in
Army housing.  So I sold all my tools and built nothing from that time until 2004.  Living in
Anchorage Alaska, where I had been since leaving the service in 1999,
I started woodworking
again so I slowly started buying tools again.  Working in a 10x10 shack I built in the back yard,
no insulation and only a small electric heater was very difficult during an Alaskan winter.  All I
had was a small table saw, a miter saw and some hand tools, which was good in such a small
space.  I had to cut the parts for larger projects first, then fold the table saw up and stow it in the
corner so I had room to assemble it.

In 2006 I packed up everything and moved to Russell Kansas, back to where I was born and
raised, because we had grown tired of the long winters in Alaska.  Because jobs were tough to
find, KWS was established.  I built projects and sold a lot of lumber on Ebay, I mean a LOT!  

I later ended up moving to Salina for a few years, then after I found a job in McPherson I bought
a house were I currently live in the small community of Galva.  Worsening back problems have
made me disabled I now operate KWS full time.  I build custom projects for customers and go to
several crafts shows a year.

As a praise to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, a portion of the profits from all sales through
this website are donated to the youth group at the greatest church on Earth, Harmony Christian
Church in McPherson Kansas.  
Above:  Doing some layout under the supervision of Koa the Great Dane.

Below:  Cutting a saddle stand leg on the band saw.
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