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Stuff we build for your pets.  Animals are
people too!
Saddle Stand, in Red Oak
My Great Dane Koa checking out the Hickory stand.  Yes he is tall, 37
Saddle stand made to display saddles in the home or store.  Can be made in any wood or size to fit
your saddle.  Other patterns available.  Standard size is 14" wide where saddle sits, 28" long and 30"
Giant breed dogs must have food and water at chest height to prevent extra pressure on their joints and for easier swallowing.  I
created these stands when I got my first Great Dane and they work great.  But don't think you have to have a giant breed to use these,
they are great for just about any dog to keep dishes off the floor (if you have ever kicked a water bowl in the dark.... yeah) or to make it
easier for an older dog to eat, this is the ticket.
Saddle Stands
Shown here are examples of saddle stands.  Due to the various options available,
please request a quote.  We have given prices for these examples to give you an idea
of cost.  They range from a utility grade to a furniture grade for that special saddle
grandpa used or a show saddle.  These can be customized with carvings of almost
any sort.  See the wood choices page for material selection and go from there.

Top Left:  Basic stand, Red Oak with Golden Oak stain.  $100.00

Top Right:  Premium Grade, Curly Red Oak, Golden Oak Stain with Walnut carvings  

Middle Left:  Utility Grade, Knotty Pine, natural.  $60.00

Middle Right:  Utility Grade, Poplar, natural.  $75.00

Bottom Left:  Premium Grade, Walnut with Maple carvings.  $250.00

Bottom Right:  Exhibition Grade, Walnut with Maple Carvings.  $350.00

Send us a
Quote Request to have one specially made for you!
Raised Dog Food Dish Stands
This is my Great Dane
inspecting one of my stands.  
Shown is an 18" stand, too
short for him.
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These stands can be made in about any wood and stained to fit your
decor.  Currently we offer this design in three heights; 12", 18" and 24"
and come with two stainless steel bowls as shown.  I am working on
developing a standard pricing structure, but for right now please request
a quote to get an accurate price based on the size and wood choice you
prefer.  Here are some examples to give you an idea.

Top left:  Red Oak, Gunstock stain, 24".  $100.00

Top Right:  Poplar, Walnut stain, 18".  $75.00

Bottom left:  Natural Cherry, 18".  $150.00

Bottom Right:  Natural Hickory, 24"  $120.00

Please send a
quote request and pamper your pet!
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