A basic item, but in the right hands it can be something truly unique and special.
Let us make a treasure for you.
Jewelry combo, box and necklace cabinet.  Curly maple with walnut panel.  Redheart drawer pulls.
Necklace cabinet, Red Oak (golden oak stain) with crotch figured walnut panel.
Interior of oak cabinet.  Personalized with
Fiddleback Black Limba box with walnut backed heart cut outs.
Box for my daughter.  Curly Maple with walnut base.  Musical motif hand burnt in.
Musical notes wrap around box
Matched boxes for mother and daughter.  Left is curly walnut with quilted maple.  Right is curly maple with curly walnut lid.
Inside walnut box
Inside Maple box
Small Jewelry Armoire.  Wedding gift for bride.  Solid Red Oak.  Front panels are frosted glass.
Right area has rotating wheel with hooks for necklaces.
This box and the one to the right are another matched set for 2 daughters.  This is cherry with quited maple top and curly maple drawer front.
Second box of the pair.  Mahogany with bookmatch crotch walnut top and walnut burl drawer front.
Lid of box 2
Mini Blanket Chest, or large jewelry box.  Quartersawn White Oak with walnut base.
Mini Blanket Chest, Curly Maple with Cherry trim
Mini Blanket Chest.  Mahogany with Walnut base
Large Urn, Red Oak with Walnut bindings
Companion Urn, Spalted Maple with Walnut Bindings
Cremation Urns
Keepsake Urn, Curly Walnut with Maple bindings
Inside Keepsake Urn.
Ministers box used during church service.  Figured Cherry with curly Maple base and Spalted Maple inlay
Necklace cabinet in ribbon stripe Mahogany and a beautiful bookmatch walnut panel.
And fade out in back.
Small Urn, Mahogany with crotch Walnut top.
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Jewelry boxes have long been our specialty.  Boxes can serve many purposes from the traditional jewelry storage and organization, keepsakes,
presentation, even a place for kids to keep their "treasures".  Also included are specialized boxes to serve as cremation urns, necklace cabinets
and the list goes on.  We have made hundreds of boxes over the years for all of these purposes and each is unique in it's own way.

On this page I have done my best to include a mix of examples that will show a variety of styles and unique woods.  It is meant to give you some
basis to guide you on your way to deciding what you would want.
Necklace Cabinets and combos.  The best way to organize your necklaces is with a cabinet to hang them in.  This way the chain doesn't get
tangled or kinked.  We make a standard size cabinet that can be customized several ways.
Pictured are:  Top Left Curly Maple and Walnut combo.  Top Left Center Walnut and Maple.  Top Right Center Spalted Sycamore and Flame
Birch.  Top Right Black Limba with Hawaiian Koa.  Bottom Left Red Oak with Crotch Walnut and personalized interior.  Bottom Left Center Curly
Cherry with Flame Birch.  Bottom Right Center Mahogany with bookmatch feathered Walnut and personalized interior.  Bottom Right Red Oak with
Prices on these vary from $80 for basic to $300 for extra fancy.  
Please contact us for a quote.
Something really special.... This "box" was created as a wedding present for one of my friends to his new bride.  He gave
me an idea of what he was looking for and I went from there.  I had never built anything like this before, and I really tried to go all
out on it.  Made from Red Oak with a dark stain.  The necklace carousel on the right side slides out for easy access.  I didn't
have a carving machine at that time, so the initial on the lid is hand carved.  It was about 18" tall and 12" wide.  
                            "STANDARD" STYLE BOXES
These boxes are more traditional style, made from unique woods or with other embellishments.
Above:  Nothing special about this box, except the beautiful fiddleback Black Limba wood.  This wood is used to make guitars and other fine items.  A mix
of wonderful colors really makes this a beauty, and the small heart cut-outs are backed with walnut.

Below:  Exhibition quality Curly Maple with Walnut base and trim, made unique by the burned music notes.  Finished off with the persons initial on the lid,
this box will be a treasure for many years.
Above:  These boxes are both the same, but opposite.  Made for a mother and daughter, they are both the same pattern and same woods just combined in the opposite order.  
Left one is Curly Walnut with Quilted Maple and the right one is Curly Maple and Curly Walnut.  Simple design lets the beauty of the woods shine.

Below:  Just as above, these boxes are the same design but different woods, made for two sisters.  The left is Cherry wood (light color will darken quickly over time), with a Quilted
Maple lid and Curly Maple drawer front.  The right one is Mahogany with a bookmatched crotch Walnut lid and burl walnut drawer front.  Again, simple design, beautiful wood,
Miniature Blanket Chest
Pictured below are what we call Miniature Blanket Chests.  Made just like the big ones, they could be used as keepsake boxes.  Size is approximately 18" across, 10" wide and 10-12" high.  They
can even be lined with aromatic cedar just like the big chests.

Left to right:  Quartersawn White Oak with a Walnut base.  Next, Curly Maple with Curly maple base and lid trim.  Third Mahogany with Walnut trim.  Last is a beautiful carved Quartersawn White
Oak with a curly Walnut base.  Box joints and cedar lining make this something special.
Click on any image for a larger view
Bible Box:  Beautiful custom Walnut bible box, great for a presentation or special event such as baptism or confirmation.  Can be customized with different image on each
side, can also be made of any wood.  As pictured $200.00, will vary with options.  The second row of pictures is a pair made of Cherry wood.
Oval Window Box:  This very flashy top end box would make anyone happy.  Flawless Black Walnut highlighted with Birdseye Maple.  Carved embellishments frame the main elements.  The rose
carved into the lid is backed by Redheart wood, so that red you see is wood, not paint.  Added to the painted red rose on the back and the carved walnut cross in the front this box is full of surprises.  Even
the spalted maple tray inside is carved from a solid piece of wood.  This box is about as good as it gets, but I'm always looking to do better.  As pictured, this box is every bit of $350.00.  Could be made
with different wood combinations and I do plan to make a different one soon.  Order this for your wife, mom or daughter and they will never need another jewelry box.
Cremation Urns:  A cremation urn is something that is very special.  It needs to reflect the personality of the person and be something beautiful that you want to display,
keeping the missing loved one close.  They can be made in any size, any woods, any shape or configuration.  Shown here are a few of the ones we have made in the past.  
They are generally made to suit, but occasionally we have them in stock.  Prices vary, but generally ours are cheaper than the ones you can buy from a funeral home which has
several mark ups on them.  
Smaller size, mahogany with a crotch
walnut top, finished in lacquer and
hand polished to a glass finish.
Larger size, spalted maple, walnut
Extra large, would be big enough for
two.  Red oak with walnut trim.
Keepsake urn.  Opening lid with a tray
for personal effects of the person.  
Military medals, rings etc.  Curly walnut
with maple trim.  Bottom has room for
the ashes of person.
Carved urn.  This would be considered a deluxe urn.  Made of curly
maple, all sides are carved with things the person loved in life.  The hearts
on the lid represented her children.  Completely sealed, as are all my urns,
the base is removable to insert the ashes, then can be glued on to prevent
leaks or degradation.  We take great care to create these, only the highest
quality woods and techniques.  
Preachers Box:  I must tell a short story about this box.  When our church got a new minister about 4
years ago, he began doing a short sermon for the children before the main one.  He always had a treat
for the children that had something to do with the moral of the story.  To conceal these treats until the
end, he used an old  shoe box, which quickly became worn.  I decided this just would not do, so I built
this beautiful curly Cherry wood box for him to use.  The inlay on the lid is spalted maple, and a very curly
maple base completes the design.  Over the years, the cherry has aged to an even more beautiful color.  
This jewelry box is curly maple, with a band made of walnut and sapele and a walnut
base.  The lid has a panel of walnut burl.  The photo makes it look like the finish is
uneven but it's just the light.  The tray is curly maple and offset by a blue velvet interior.
This very large jewelry box is solid walnut.  The lid has a unique "angel step" figure with
some cool coloring.  Many people shun this multi color wood, only wanting the brown
heartwood.  A nice red interior and a large tray, this one is for someone with lots of jewelry.  
Brass stop hinge and handles.  This box is currently for sale.

Large walnut jewelry box $150.00  Use the email found in the Contact Us section if you
wish to purchase this box or one like it.
This is an example of a top of the line jewelry box.  Highly customized with lots of details and unique elements.  
Constructed of curly Red Oak, all from one large board I had in stock for several years.  The drawer fronts are also
Red Oak, quartersawn with tight curls and over-mature to give it a darker color which makes a nice contrast.  The
side compartment opens up for lots of necklace storage with two carousels and pegs on the side, finished off with the
oval window that is frosted with the owners initials.  A few carved details on the sides and the big ribbon with name on
the top.  This is a fixed top, does not open, all the storage is in the drawers and although I did not take a picture of
them, the drawers are also all solid oak and box jointed so they will be solid forever.  Custom made gold leafed knobs
finish it off for a classic look.  If you want to give someone something unique that they will treasure forever, we can
create it for you.  A box like this is not cheap, it takes a great deal of time to build a project like this (nearly 30 hours of
time in this example), but we promise it will be worth the money.  
"Feel Good Box"
A great idea passed to me by a customer.  This is just a basic box that you would put anything that makes you feel good.  Perhaps it's an award from
work, school or military.  Maybe it's a card your mom sent you.  It could be a rock that makes you think of that vacation of a lifetime.  Anything that
makes you smile.  Then when you need it, go to the box and remember the good times.  Woods, graphics and text all up to you.  These are examples.  
Overall 9"x11"x6".  These are available for purchase in my Etsy store.
All rights reserved.  Photos on this website are the property of Kansas Wood Shop and cannot be used
without written permission.  Original designs cannot be copied for production of more than 1 piece each.  
The Kansas Wood Shop logo is the property of Kansas Wood Shop.  The Pet Blok logo and design are the
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