Unique Creations in Wood
Military Items

Thank you to all those who have served, are serving and their
families.  It is your sacrifice, and the sacrifice of those who
came before you and paid the ultimate price that makes this
country great.  God bless America!
As I have made it clear on my website, I am a disabled Army veteran.  I served during Desert Storm with the 1st Infantry Division out
of Ft Riley.  That is a whole other story, but the point is that I am very proud of my service and so Military items are a favorite of
mine.  I love to create unique plaques for other military veterans and service members to honor their service.  I can make plaques
with just about anything, unit patches, rank, medals, vehicles, weapons, you name it I can probably do it.  Here are a few examples
of ones I have done, and I would be honored to create one for you!
Home is where the _______ sends us
Anyone that has been in the military knows what this plaque is all about.  Shown is an example that I
use at shows.  This can be made with any branch, including a full color logo for that branch.  Then add
tabs for each posting during your service.  Example shown is Poplar with a medium stain.  Tabs are
hung from the head piece using heavy duty brass eye screws, which can be disconnected or
rearranged if required.  Great item for the "I Love Me" wall to remember all those places you served.

Main plaque with 2 tabs, Standard woods  $70.00

Additional tabs  $10.00 each
For premium woods, please
request a quote.
Home of American _____________
Great gift to honor that veteran or service member you know... or for yourself.  Again this could be any
branch, and the text can be adjusted accordingly, or it could say "American Veteran", "American Hero",
etc.  The space where the Airborne badge is on this example could also be rank, a unit patch or other
meaningful graphic.  Example shown in natural Poplar, could be any other wood.

Home of plaque, standard woods  $50.00
Other options please
request a quote.
Simple Branch or insignia plaques
These are great items to decorate  and show your military pride.  7"x9" plaque with your
choice of branch insignia, badge, rank or other standard graphic.  Can be natural, stained
or painted as desired.  

Simple Military Plaque, Standard woods  $25.00

Simple Military Plaque, Premium woods  $35.00
High grade woods,
request quote.
Military Keepsake Box
Large box great for storing you military keepsakes.  Large enough to hold
medal sets.  Both of these examples are maple, left with Walnut trim and right
with Cherry.  Any graphic on lid, can include name, rank etc.  Could also be
modified to serve as a cremation urn upon request.  Can be any wood or
combo of woods.

Starting at $50.00, please request quote.
Never Forgotten plaque
This beautiful design truly pays honor to those that paid the ultimate price for our freedom, and
would should never forget their sacrifice.  Large 11x17 plaque in full majestic color.  Only available
on light color wood (maple shown).  

Never Forgotten plaque  $100.00
Some Gave All plaque
Commemorating those who served and those who paid the highest price.  Includes
the modern era conflicts.  Very large 11x18 , carved in 3D and hand painted vibrant
colors.  Only available in light color wood (maple shown).

Some Gave All plaque  $110.00
Click on any image for a larger view
Never Forgotten Cross
Never forget those veterans you know or perhaps from your own family.  Can be used as a wall
hanging or placed outside.  Large 24" tall, 15" wide.  Has a soldiers cross on the top, you can
choose the modern version (shown) or a older version Vietnam era rifle and helmet.  Shown in
Pine with light stain, could be other woods.  Specify if outdoor finish is desired when ordering.

Never Forgotten Cross Std  $35.00

Premium woods $50.00

Some woods would not be suitable for outdoor use.  Please refer to the wood selection page for
more information.
Commemorative and special projects.
These are just a few of the special projects we have made to honor certain veterans.  We can design something that
will be specific to that special person you know, or would like to honor.  Contact us for more information.
One of our first plaques, done for my step-son.  He is a mechanic and had just
gotten his Airborne wings so I combined the two.  Carved in Mahogany.  
These were also done for my step-son when he got
deployed.  One for him to take and one for his wife, to
help them remember each other while apart.
This nice large plaque was made to honor this families ancestor
who had served in the Civil War.  Made with period correct flag,
weapons and hat.  Carved in Red Oak with light stain.
In Honor of Service
This very large plaque was commissioned to honor the tour of service for this
hero.  Included are graphics of the helicopter he served in, his unit and
nickname, along with the country of service and phrase "Freedom Isn't Free".  
Painting a helicopter like this, which is in real life one solid, drab color was a
challenge.  Carved on a beautiful piece of Poplar, I think I hit a home run with
this one.  
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