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Movie Props
In March of 2016, we were contacted by a company working on the movie "Thank You for Your
Service".  They had located this website, and wished to use several of our pieces as set decoration in
the movie.  A total of eight pieces were selected and shipped to Atlanta for the filming.  A few months
later the pieces were returned.  We were paid a reasonable rental fee for their use.  I was actually
even sent a "wrap gift" given to the cast and crew working on the picture.  

This was a huge honor.  It has been painful waiting for this movie to come out so that I could see
when or if my artwork could be seen.  I was thrilled when the trailer was released, and I was able to
spot three pieces in the back ground for a second (see capture).
To see the trailer and other information on the
movie, go to the website
www.thankyouforyourservicemovie.com  In the
main trailer, the capture pic with my art is at 1:18.
Below are pictures of the actual screen used pieces as they will appear in the movie.  As I have
always said, I am no photographer.  One day I will get professional pictures of these and will post
them.  I have numbered them 1 through 8 so they can be identified in future screen captures.
Exact replicas of all the plaques are available for purchase on the Military page.  They come with the designation
"TYFYS Movie Replica" on back and a letter of certification.

ATTENTION:  The designs of these plaques are the property of Darren Ehrlich and the Kansas Wood Shop, all rights reserved.  Cannot be
used without written permission.
Kansas Wood Shop can create custom plaques or wood items
of any type for your film.  Items can be personalized to the
movie in any way you like.  We can also build period furniture
or concept pieces from scale drawings.  Please contact me
with any questions you may have!  I would be proud to work
on your project.
Created especially for YOUR project!
All rights reserved.  Photos on this website are the property of Kansas Wood Shop and cannot be used without written
permission.  Original designs cannot be copied for production of more than 1 piece each.  The Kansas Wood Shop logo is the
property of Kansas Wood Shop.  The Pet Blok logo and design are the property of Kansas Wood Shop and Darren Ehrlich, patent
pending, all rights reserved.  Copyright 2017.