Our Furniture
Our furniture tends to be focused on function first.  A fancy piece of furniture looks awesome, but if it doesn't work for what you need it to do, what good is it?  

Any of the pieces you see here can be custom ordered.  It will be similar, or you can chose to have it made from a wood of your choice.  That's the beauty of
custom furniture, it can be exactly what you want and be one of a kind.  Request a quote for anything you see on this site.
Blanket Chests
All of our blanket chests are cedar lined.  They can be any style, size
or color as you can see from these examples.
Extra large Blanket Chest, Walnut and maple
Very ornate original design.  Measures over 5 feet across, 28 inches wide and 3 feet tall.
Walnut for this chest came from a tree that was over 150 years old.
Birch with stained Oak trim.
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details about the item!
This chest was made entirely from one huge Hackberry board I found at the
mill.  It was 23" wide and 12 feet long.  After some figuring I came up with
dimensions that would allow me to make the whole chest with it.  Interior lined
with cedar.
More examples of Blanket
chests on our Facebook page.
TV Stands / Entertainment Centers
Can be made any size, any style.
Premium TV Stand, mission style.  Curly quartersawn red oak and walnut
Corner TV Stand.  All SOLID Red oak, no plywood here.  VERY Heavy!
Miscellaneous Stuff
Rustic Walnut bench.  Made from one slab, live edge.  Koa wood butterfly keys to stabilize the crack.
Side table.  Cherry wood with Cocobolo (rosewood) trim and top inlay.
Coffee table.  Figured maple top with walnut trim and legs.
King size headboard.  Sycamore in red mahogany stain.  Cabinet end towers with drawer.  Also has pedestal.
Cherry chest.  Birch plywood stained cherry, custom solid cherry wood trim.
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galleries too!!!
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