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A very popular theme for wood signs is to celebrate a wedding, an anniversary or just a great family.  
We have several designs for this catagory and adding more all the time.  There are hundreds of
variations on this theme out there.  If you see something on Etsy, Ebay or any other site you like, send
us a link.  We can probably make something similar and possibly for less due to the discounts we get on
our material.  
~ Two Hearts Plaque  ~
One of our original designs and our most popular plaque.  You
can choose the wood, and all the paint colors.  Here are a few
Latest version, new banner,
bigger 9x12.  shown in oak
Bad pic, finish still wet.  
Cherry wood, outlined banner
Boarder painted like a
frame.  Cherry wood.
Cowboy hats instead of
hearts.  Oak wood.
~  Established Plaque  ~
Also a very popular design with many variations available.  You can choose
to add tabs for children names as shown below.  Size is 8"x18"
Text highlighted with stain
instead of paint.  Maple wood.
Est. Plaque Poplar, Oak, Maple, Redwood $55.00

Est. Plaque Walnut, Cherry, Mahogany  $70.00

Add children name tabs $10.00 each
Painted as directed by
customer.  Oak, medium stain.
Shown in Maple wood, with tabs
for children names.  Connected
with brass eye hooks.
~  Est. Version 2  ~
This more simple design has more of a country feel.  Shown in Pine.  
Request quote
~  Family sign 1  ~
Great for display outside.  Shown in Maple with weathered finish.  
Comes with 3 tabs.

Family sign 1 $65.00 ea

Additional tabs $10 ea
~  Home is where the heart is  ~
Another original design great for showing everyone's name, or just the
kids.  If you have more than 4 names no problem.  Shown in Cherry.  
You choose paint colors.

As shown $50.00
Other woods, more names, request quote.
~  Key to my heart  ~
Great expression of love to that special someone, or a great gift.  
Shown in oak with medium stain.  

$50.00 as shown
~  Two big hearts wedding plaque  ~
Beautiful design by a friend of mine.  You can choose paint colors on
everything.  Shown in Walnut.  Big 10"x16".

$75.00 as shown
~  Miscellaneous Designs  ~
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