Unique Creations in Wood
When ordering custom products from us, you will need to pick the type of wood you would like.  If you have no preference, we
will choose the best choice for the type of project and the colors you choose if applicable.  

There are three categories here, Standard, Premium and High Grade.  Most of our projects are priced using choices from the
standard category, but some are shown in premium.  These are just the most commonly used woods in our shop, but there are
hundreds of choices available.  Should you find something you really like, please let us know.  We will be able to quote you a
price for your project using the wood of your choice, as we are able to get just about anything available.
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Cedar, Western Red
This is the type of Cedar generally used for
fencing, decks etc because of it's resistance to
decay from weather and insects.  Commonly has
knots, and color variations from creamy sapwood
to red heart wood.  Great choice for outdoor
projects or just about any sign or plaque.
Same wood used for smoking meat is a beautiful
lumber.  Rustic looking because of it's mix of
cream color sapwood and medium to deep brown
heartwood.  Hard and dense, doesn't stain well.  
Ok for outdoor projects.  Subject to availability.
Maple, plain
Mostly only the white sapwood is used, but
sometimes has medium brown heartwood.  
Both hard and soft varieties with little
difference in appearance or actual hardness.  
Heavy, dense and beautiful.  Not great for
Pine, Knotty
One of the most common woods.  Soft and easy
to work, but hard to stain evenly.  Has the familiar
pine scent.  Can be difficult to work because of
the high sap content.  Great for about any
project, including outdoor and especially for a
rustic or country look.  Also available without
knots at higher expense.  Good when weight is a
Oak, Red
Highly desirable because of it's strong grain
patterns, used widely for furniture and trim in
homes.  Great for most projects, but not
good for outdoors if it will be in direct
weather, but ok under cover like on a porch.  
Easy to stain about any color.  Heavy, dense
and porous.
Yellow Poplar
Overlooked by many as a primary wood
because it can be plain, but we use it quite a lot
since we look for the colorful stock with good
grain patterns.  Medium density.  Good for
many projects, but not great for outdoors unless
protected from weather.  Difficult to stain evenly.
Oak, White
Similar to Red Oak, more porous and
harder.  Used widely for furniture in the
early 1900's.  Excellent for outdoor
Another wood commonly used for fencing,
decks and other outdoor uses.  Soft and
lightweight, can be used for about anything.  
Can be stained darker.
Cherry, Black Cherry
Used for high grade furniture and many other
projects.  Cherry is highly photo reactive, meaning
light darkens it's color quickly.  Light color red
when freshly cut, but darkens to a rich reddish
brown over time.  Cherry is NOT the dark color
stuff solid in furniture stores... that is cheap wood
stained that color.  Very beautiful wood, dense
and easy to work.  Comes from the black cherry
Red Oak, Quartersawn
Quartersawn refers to a special way the
log is cut to show the figured rays (the
darker streaks shown in the photo) and
straight grain.  Highly stable.
Used for high grade furniture for centuries,
mahogany is one of the most commonly known
woods.  Lightweight but strong with variations of
light to deep browns.  Many varieties from several
countries.  Some species are no longer available
and some even illegal to import.  Great for many
projects, but not a good outdoor wood.  Stains
any color easily.
White Oak, Quartersawn
Used to make classic furniture for years.  
Has large, highly varying rays (shown in
the photo as lighter color streaks) makes
beautiful projects.  Heavy, very stable.  
Great for any project, including outdoors.
Black Walnut
Our most favorite wood to work with.  Beautiful
rich color makes any project awesome!  Used by
furniture makers for , well forever!  Easy to work,
stable and strong.  Can be used for anything
except outdoors, will not last.  Deep rich browns
with wild variations from the creamy white
sapwood to light and darker browns and blacks,
even purples.  We only use non-steamed walnut
(another story) to get all the natural color.  Can
be stained very dark, even to imitate ebony.
American Sycamore, Quartersawn
Not widely available but becoming more
popular.  Quartersawing reveals the wild
grain patterns shown in the photo.  Makes
some really beautiful projects.  Can be
stained many colors.  Softer wood but
strong and stable.  Great for about any
project, moderate outdoor durability.
Curly Black Cherry
Figured Cherry lumber, referring to the ripples
showing in the grain is commonly called curly.  Not
known what causes it to happen but only found in a
small percentage of lumber sawn.  Very beautiful and
highly sought.
Birdseye Maple
Maple with the small knots as shown is called
birdseye maple.  Used for accents and the highest
grade projects.  Often hard to find and can be very
Quilted Maple
One of the most highly figured maples is quilt.  
Used for guitars and very expensive furniture and
small projects.  
Spalted Maple
Caused when fungus grows in logs that
are already cut, producing wild patterns of
color.  Must be cut at the proper time to
avoid it becoming too degraded to use.  
Soft spots of decay are sometimes found
but can be stabilized.  Unusual, prized and
Curly Maple
One of the more common and widely used
figures, curly maple, is also called tiger or
fiddleback maple.  Used in musical
instruments, furniture and about any
project where some "flash" is wanted.  
Highly figured stock is expensive.
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